By Lindsay Soll
Updated February 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Sometimes I think I watch the entire season of the various Real Housewives just so I can relish in every minute of the reunion episodes.

Last night, the O.C. cast reunited, and even though it didn’t produce any walk-offs (thanks, NYC!) or almost fist fights (thanks, Atlanta!) it still stirred the drama pot up so much that I was staring at my television screen in awe of what I had witnessed.

The scene was much like that of a high school cafeteria, with the “cool” girls Vicki and Tamra on one couch, and the “wanna be” cool girls, Jeana, Gretchen, and Lynne on the other. No doubt this placement was intentional by producers as host Andy Cohen kept singling out Vicki and Tamra for being the mean girls of the season.Those mean girls (plus Jeana) proceeded to make Lynne cry by continuously poking fun at her for being an airhead (personally, I think Lynne seems like a nice person. The other ladies probably can’t deal with the fact that she doesn’t need to be the center of attention all the time).

The most scandalous part of the evening, however, unfolded when Tamra spilled the (not-so-shocking?) news that Gretchen, the newbie who spent the entire season taking care of her dying fiance and staring at her pimped out engagement ring, has actually had a boyfriend on the side the entire time. Seemingly unaffected by Tamra’s accusations, Gretchen explained that said boyfriend was a “stalker.” Then she called him a “friend,” and finally a “family friend.” To quote Erin from The City on Monday night: “I smell a little ahi tuna..something’s fishy.”

This morning I came across an article with pictures of this mystery man and Gretchen, so it seems she’s been swimming in a pool of lies. I’m not so sure I actually care though, because as a reality show “character,” I kind of love the amount of absurdness the young blondie brings to the O.C. I wonder though, now that her “fiance” has passed away, will Bravo keep her on board?

Pop Watchers, check out the clip below of Tamra and Gretchen battling it out last night, and then tell us your thoughts on the reunion and the revelation that Gretchen is, well, kind of a fake. Do you hate to love her or love to hate her?