By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 24, 2009 at 05:05 AM EST
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Take heart, oh ye of tiny stature! America’s Next Top Model is casting its 13th cycle, and they want shorties. Indeed, according to this season’s application, “You must be AT OR UNDER five feet and seven inches (5’7″) in height, although Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions. Please note the change in this requirement from past cycles of the Series.” Oh, it’s noted, ANTM. The CW also wants would-be contestants to know that producers can make case-by-case exceptions, which they must have done for cycle 3 winner Eva Pigford, who you can fit in your pocket at a wee 5’6”.

ANTM‘s relationship to actual modeling has grown ever-more tenuous, but that’s not really much of a complaint; no one really believes the show is a modeling contest, do they? It’s a contest to become famous, and you don’t have to be particularly tall to get on that ride. We’re expecting a lot of references to Kate Moss (she’s 5’7”!) — and constant reminders that Tyra Banks is attempting to change the beauty paradigm! That she’s doing something new! That her models are changing the face of beauty! Etc., etc., etc., except it’s not true, etc., etc.

Anyway, I think my favorite questions from the application are Nos. 31, 31a, and 32, which are: (31) “Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often do you drink and how much?” (31a) “How often do you get drunk? How do you act when you get drunk?” (32) “What are your thoughts on religion?” Fierce!

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