By Leah Greenblatt
February 24, 2009 at 05:49 AM EST

Peacocking Vegas rockers The Killers are currently touring overseas to support their late-’08 release Day and Age (see the EW review here), but frontman Brandon Flowers recently took some time out to record a remix of the song “Tell Me It’s Not Over” from Brit outfit Starsailor — apparently because he’s just a fan, and felt like it.

It makes sense, actually: Starsailor are typically a little less glamour-pants than their spangled Stateside brethren, but both bands revel in the same kind of expansive, shamelessly “oh-oh”-y Bono-is-my-spirit-animal bombast. The problem is, executives at Flowers’ label are apparently not happy that the singer has gone rogue and recorded the track without their permission. That means this video we’re embedding here might get pulled down soon, but while it still breathes its little rebel breath on YouTube, tell us what you think! Are you totally Starry-eyed or should this Flower just be mulched?