By Ken Tucker
Updated February 24, 2009 at 08:03 PM EST

The first season of Privileged concludes tonight, and I’m pulling for this beguiling little show to survive for a second one. Far be it from me to encourage you not to watch the President’s address to Congress tonight at the same time, 9 EST, but the bright escapism of Privileged, starring the charming, smart JoAnna Garcia, is nourishing comfort-food during the hard times the President will be addressing this evening. The special guest star tonight is Kathy Griffin–on Privileged, not in Congress, that is, though with her reported $2 million book deal, Griffin might as well show up there, too, and donate some of her advance to the ailing economy, don’t you think?

Privileged is one of the few freshman series that’s gotten better since it premiered. It doesn’t help its chances for survival, however, that the low-rated Privileged lives on the CW, where it’s overshadowed by its more-hyped lead-in, 90210. If the CW wants to keep moving in the direction of hip/cult-y/retro, as its nighttime soaps Gossip Girl and 90210 suggest, Privileged, with its unironic heart and sweetness beneath the tart jokes, may not fit into the network’s future.

What do you think? Do you want this show to return? Will you be watching tonight?

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