The Black Freighter and the Giant Squid are among the details from the graphic novel that got left on the movie's cutting room floor

Sorry, fans, the Pirate didn’t make it into the movie. These colorful Watchmen details got left on the cutting-room floor.

Tales of the Black Freighter
A gruesome pirate comic woven into the story of Watchmen; it will be an animated short with its own DVD.

The Bonus Material
Each issue of Watchmen came with extras — a magazine interview with Ozymandias, Rorschach’s psychiatric file, a superhero memoir called Under the Hood. The latter has been made into a faux documentary, also on the Black Freighter DVD.

The Manhattan Street Corner
The corner remains; the people whose lives intersect there have mere cameos in the film.

No More Oil
Unlike the world of the comic, Snyder’s society is still hooked on oil — but Dr. Manhattan’s alternative fuel remains essential to his tweaked conspiracy plot.

The Missing Comic Book
Gone is a subplot about the whereabouts of Max Shea, The Black Freighter‘s writer, because of its connection to the Giant Squid. Speaking of which…

The Giant Squid
In the comic, the villain’s plan hinges on something fanboys call the Giant Squid. But the film gives the villain a new scheme. For the record: ”I don’t hate the squid!” says Snyder. ”I love the f—ing squid!”

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