By Mike Bruno
Updated December 20, 2019 at 10:39 AM EST

TMZ executive producer Harvey Levin went on Fox News’ On the Record Friday night and talked to host Greta Van Susteren about a closeup photo his website published of what appears to be Rihanna’s badly beaten face. “Now, I should be quick to say, Greta, that we gotthis picture legally,” a Fox-published transcript of the show quotes Levin as saying. “And we — when we got the picture, we believed itwas not an LAPD picture, and we still are still not convinced it is.The police department is sounding like they say it is, but they haven’tsaid that unequivocally, either.”

The Los Angeles Police Department has not officially identified Rihanna as the alleged victim in the <a href="“>Chris Brown domestic violence case,but it released a statement last week saying that it launched an internal investigation into the source of the photo after receiving “numerous inquiries about the release of a photographassociated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February8, 2009, involving entertainer Chris Brown.”

Levin also said TMZ has heard a lot of rumors surrounding what Rihanna will do next in regards to Brown, but that most of what they have heard is still unsubstantiated. “There are a lotof rumors going around, and I don’t really put a lot of credence in anyof them, which is why we haven’t put any of that stuff up on the sitebecause I don’t think it’s concrete enough,” he said. “But I think the fact is,with those pictures, Greta, I got to tell you, I mean, I don’t thinkthe DA is going to be stymied if she doesn’t cooperate.“

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