By Michael Ausiello
Updated February 23, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Either Shonda Rhimes is getting sloppy or she’s trying to put me out of a job!

In a just-released logline for Grey’s Anatomy‘s March 12 episode — a logline the drama’s spoilerphobic creator no doubt signed off on — ABC reveals a doozy of a spoiler: Derek is quitting Seattle Grace!

Here’s what the actual teaser reads: “After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died than survived, Derek decides to quit — even as Meredith refuses to give up on him.”

Now, the chances of his resignation sticking are no doubt slim, but still. That’s a pretty major twist to give away in a press release, don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining or anything. (For the record, a Grey’s insider assures me that Patrick Dempsey “is not leaving the show.”)

Unfortunately, the rest of the description for the episode is fairly benign, save for the revelation that Loretta Devine is returning as the Chief’s wife to mediate Richard’s ongoing battle with Bailey. It also confirms that Izzie’s interns discover “something unsettling” about Patient X (a.k.a. Izzie), but that’s old news.

Thoughts about Derek quitting? How long before he changes his mind? (My guess: By the third act!) And could this be connected to the unexpected path the Mer-Der romance will be taking later this season? Sound off below!

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