By Sean Smith
Updated February 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

With the 2009 Oscar telecast just hours away, and with so many questions about the format still unanswered (will Hugh Jackman really start the show with a musical number? Will presenters really not walk the red carpet? Will Mickey Rourke need to be bleeped if he wins?), chatted up some of this year’s nominees to ask them what was on their minds about tonight’s show — Reported by Carrie Bell

“I hope Zac Efronis presenting my category. I saw him at a party Friday night and he isso adorable, and if he presents my category and I win, I will have anexcuse to hug him. You know how the winner always hugs the person whopresents the award? I want that.”– Dustin Lance Black, nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Milk

“I have never been to the Oscars so I don’t really know what to expect.Life is good all around, so I am just trying to soak it all in and enjoythe moment because it may never happen again. I am willing to sitthrough musical numbers and montages and monologues. They can prettymuch subject me to anything right now, because I am on cloud nine.” — Richard Jenkins, nominated for Best Actor, The Visitor “I think not announcing the presenters willdrum up the mystery and will probably help the viewership. That’s a shame [that many presenters won’t be walking the red carpet, though]. Walking the red carpet,flaunting the dress and the body, pimping the designer, is all part ofthe majesty and the spectacle. That’s not to say I couldn’t skip it. Iwould be perfectly fine with not having to show my back fat on nationalTV. My husband likes it more than me. He likes to get all dressed upand he looks so cute that I encourage it.” — Viola Davis, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Doubt

“I have never been to the Oscarsbefore so I wasn’t really sure what to expect anyway. I will be as surprised as the rest of the world to see whopresents my category. But that is a littlesad that they aren’t going to let them walk the carpet, if that is true.People put so much into their look that day and fans love watching allthat red carpet reporting. If they aren’t on the carpet, how are theygoing to tell the world who was nice enough to lend them a fancy dressand shiny baubles and do their hair?” — Melissa Leo, nominated for Best Actress for Frozen River