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Updated February 21, 2009 at 05:55 AM EST

The Bachelor

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It was a veritable television bonanza this week in PopWatch land, with the most popular posts solely dedicated to the small screen. Oscars? What Oscars? You guys did have a lot of casting ideas for the rumored Steven Spielberg-directed Abraham Lincoln biopic, but you mostly cared about television. Here’s what you were talking about:

10. Joss Whedon’s much-anticipated Dollhouse premiered on Friday, and Marc Bernardin felt pretty good about it.

9. Adam Markovitz remembered his top five Late Night With Conan O’Brien moments, but with nary a Walker, Texas Ranger lever mention. What gives, Adam?

8. Margaret Lyons got all nostalgic when she saw that the first season of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose will be released on DVD in June. What other shows do you want on DVD ASAP?

7. Phil Keoghan made his first bid into the Reality TV Hosts-Turned-Bloggers tournament this week, and it’s a good first-time effort. But you can’t exactly go wrong when you’re talking about giant wheels of cheese barreling down Swiss hills.

6. It’s pilot season. That means: news on lots of shows we’ll never actually see, and lots of job offers for under-the-radar actors like Anna Friel and Noah Wyle. Dr. Carter, get back on my TV screen, stat!

4. This week in American Idol: Michael Slezak rated the contestants in this season’s first Power List, reacted to the first 12 performances, and wrote about the first three finalists. Sadly, Slezak’s No. 1 Power pick (ANOOOOP!!!) didn’t get a bid, but he better make it in via the Wild Card round or I’ll need to have a talk with Paula.

4. In his latest blog, Survivor‘s Jeff Probst admitted that he loves when it rains for challenges because it makes him ”a bit turned on.” Is this guy an oversharer or just awesome?

3. People tell me the ”Oceanic 6” (whatever that means) have returned to their magical island place (I didn’t know they left?) on Lost this week. Someday I will watch the show and understand.

2. Lindsay Soll investigated rumors about the cuckoo bananas event some Bachelor obsessives predict will occur during next month’s ”After the Final Rose Special.”

1. Chris Harrison sure gets you people talking — like, a lot. Almost 1,300 of you weighed in on his latest post. Probst and Keoghan, you better step it up.

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