''Newtonica2,'' ''Zombie Attack!,'' and ''Rolando'' are three of the best new downloads

By Albert Kim
Updated February 20, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Tired of Trism? Tapped out on Tap Tap Revenge? A trove of fresh iPhone games are but a download away. Below, a few of the recent best.

Baby birds are stranded in space and you must push them into portals by activating propulsive cosmic waves. Really. Yet you’ll pick it up immediately and stay hooked for a long time.

Zombie Attack!
Defend your house against the undead by setting up weapons in your yard. Clever touches abound — zombies who lose their heads wander aimlessly — and the tension mounts quickly.

Roll small, round creatures to safety on obstacle-filled stages. Losing any of your roly-poly charges elicits pangs of regret. Emotional investment in an iPhone game? Impressive.