Where you can find the star sweater from ''Coraline,'' Betty's shower curtain from ''Ugly Betty,'' and more

By Lindsay Soll
Updated February 20, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Is there any way to get a real-world version of Coraline‘s star sweater? — Willa
Since the film was made in stop-motion, Coraline’s sweater is real…though it stands at a minuscule three inches. (It took micro-knitter Althea Crome two weeks to craft the tiny piece.) For those of us a little taller, a human-size version of the sweater pattern is available on the movie’s official site (www.coraline.com/images/sweater_pattern.pdf).

The City
Where did Whitney Port get the great couch in her apartment? It is fabulous. — Judith
The MTV reality star’s seating certainly is fabulous — especially for someone on an entry-level salary. Her ”turbo” sectional was custom-made by Dune Living (dune-ny.com) using ”St. Tropez” fabric in azure, for the price of a small car, er, $12,685. Thank goodness she has the option of public transportation in NYC.

How do I find a jacket like Dean’s on Supernatural? — Dan
There are a few constants in the demon hunter’s (Jensen Ackles) life: his brother, his ’67 Chevy, and his leather jacket. The jacket is vintage Wilsons Leather, so when a replacement is called for (stupid ectoplasm!), stylist Diane Widas has to commission knockoffs. But Wilsons does carry a similar design: the Pelle Lamb ”hipster” in Mojave (wilsonsleather.com; $120).

Ugly Betty
I want Ugly Betty‘s shower curtain! — Lauren
Betty’s (America Ferrera) tub — which Eddie Cibrian famously invaded — is adorned with a curtain from National Wholesale Liquidators in Queens. The paisley shower accessory is also available at target.com ($17).

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