By Adam Markovitz
Updated February 20, 2009 at 09:56 PM EST

We don’t always agree with the advice that Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger doles out. That’s especially true when it comes to the show’s ladies, who usual get sent out of the office with orders to straighten their hair, slather on a fake tan, and lace up hooker heels in order to woo the eligible bachelors.

But on last night’s episode — which featured the show’s first-ever female millionaire (blond bombshell Heidi) — Patti gave out one bit of advice that seems just plain wrong: She told Heidi to hide her age.

Here’s the thing. At 41, the businesswoman is already considered past her prime for Patti’s clientele, most of whom are getting-up-there guys looking for open-minded (read: submissive), friendly (not too smart), well-rounded (chesty) gals who are still looking forward to their 10-year high school reunions.

So when Heidi ends up on a date with the episode’s other millionaire, 45-year-old kinda-creepy hotelier Bill, Patti gives her strict instructions not to reveal her actual age until the third date. The tactic completely backfires, as Bill spends most of their meal trying to suss out her DOB with ridiculously specific questions about her life (“And how many years did you do that?” “And you were how old then?”)

Obviously, Heidi has every right to hide her age if she’s so inclined. But why should she? She’s a successful entrepreneur. She has a freakishly adorable child and a killer house in the hills. And, on top of it, the lady is hot. Like, stupid hot. Christie Brinkley hot. She whines for a minute about having to put on a tiny bikini for Bill’s spa (which turns out to be some kind of weird amphibious obstacle course), and then throws the thing on and turns the rest of the segment into an impromptu Sports Illustrated shoot. You’d kind of hate her if she didn’t seem, you know…nice.

At the end of the ep, we learn that Heidi and Bill are maintaining a “long-distance relationship,” which is all well and good. But does that mean Bill is still hesitating to commit because Heidi isn’t in the MTV demographic? And did Heidi ever reveal her age, or did she just wait for Bill to catch last night’s episode?

What’s your take, PopWatchers? Should Heidi lie about how old she is? Should Bill be allowed to chase younger gals because he wants a family? And what’s up with Patti’s straight hair fetish?