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By EW Staff
Updated February 20, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Lost and Found
Your cover story on Lost (”Lost in Time”) has really whetted my appetite for its final two seasons. This show has consistently made me cry, laugh, and gasp out loud at its amazing plot twists and imagination. That the show is taking weird turns is part of its charm, and no, I’m not a 24-year-old geek.
Laura E. Kelly
Mount Kisco, N.Y.

Thanks to ABC and the producers of Lost for proving that smart can be fun, sexy, and damned entertaining. This is one of the best shows in the history of television.
Michael Raffeld
Winnetka, Calif.

Lost‘s rebound this season proves what I have always said about this show: ‘Tis better to have loved Lost and lost than never to have loved Lost at all.
Steve Bailey
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Going for the Gold
Your story on Harvey Weinstein’s Oscar quest for The Reader (”The Battle for Best Picture”) confirmed what many already feel about the Academy Awards: They are all about campaigning and not about the best of what Hollywood has to offer. I think the overrated Chicago stole the Best Picture Oscar from the far superior The Pianist back in 2003, and that the Weinstein Co.’s Oscar-bait films are made to win awards and satisfy egos. Get with it, Academy. It’s time to start nominating films because they are great films, not because one had a better campaign than another.
Julian Gastelum

Acting Out
The way Christian Bale behaved was unacceptable (News & Notes). I hope he is viewed differently from this point forward because behavior like his is incredibly inappropriate, selfish, and insensitive. I won’t be buying tickets for Terminator Salvation or any of his other films.
Greg Lantzounis
Los Angeles

Taken by Taken
Why is Taken getting no love from critics, including your own Owen Gleiberman (Movies)? In terms of action, thrills, and characters, it’s every bit as good as the latest Bourne and Bond movies and no less ”propulsively outlandish” than the films in those franchises. So why do critics laud those movies and raise their noses at this one? Taken earned the No. 1 slot its opening weekend and deserves more from you, EW, than a two-sentence reductive review.
Andy Bourelle

Critic Owen Gleiberman responds: Actually, Taken pretends to unfold in the real world far more than the Bourne or Bond films do. That’s why I called it ”outlandish.” The movie never convinced me that Liam Neeson could track down his daughter’s kidnappers so easily. In a thriller, questions of plausibility matter, even when surrounded by highly pumped action.

Older & Wiser
I found Jessica Shaw’s comment about Feb. 12’s Ugly Betty episode — ”Why is everyone courting the menopausal demographic?” — objectionable (What to Watch). Does she really believe that TV should be aimed only at people who are 20-40? I know, you’re saying ”But everyone does,” right? That’s the way it is, always was, and always will be. Sad but true for us old folks.
Kitzie Connor

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