February 18, 2009 at 11:38 PM EST

I know people go monkeynuts over Family Guy, but I was channeling my inner Seth Myers when I saw these Quagmire kicks:Really, Quagmire fans? Really? You want these sneakers? Really?But these are hardly the first or only TV-themed sneaks.

Por ejemplo, these Nikes were inspired by the television itself, and sport a color-test insole. Adorbs!I’m gaga for these Twin Peaks shoes, which include such details as a blue owl and the freaky-squiggly pattern Agent Cooper sees in his prophetic dreams. I also like these Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kicks, which are a riff on the graffiti from the show’s opening credits. But I don’t like these other Fresh Prince ones as much. Go figure.These Marge Simpson–colored high-tops are a blast, but they’re not the only Simpsons footwear to be had. Well, it looks like I have a new obsession.

Anyone out there actually buy a pair of these TV sneaks? What show-themed pair would get you to shell out your recession dollars?

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