By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 18, 2009 at 04:30 PM EST
Fox Broadcasting/Photofest

Long before Serena and Blair ruled their school, before Degrassi had a next generation, before Pete and Pete had any adventures, there was Ferris Bueller. But just after that, there was Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, a fondly remembered early-’90s teen show. You can relive all the garish outfits (a la Blossom), weird gadgets (cough, Zack Morris’ cell phone, cough), and geeky sidekicks (think David Silver in the early days of 90210) now that PLCL is coming to DVD! ShoutFactory is releasing the first season of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose June 30, which means at least some of you PopWatchers will be spending your Fourth of July weekends on the nostalgia train. [Via Vulture]

Writing about Parker Lewis, I started thinking about other why-isn’t-this-on-DVD shows. The top of my list: Sisters. Dudes, for reals, I would do just about anything for that show to be on DVD. And Viva Variety would be nice, too, as long as we’re making wishes. So tell me, PopWatchers, what shows are you desperately hoping come to DVD soon?

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