By Mandi Bierly
February 18, 2009 at 09:54 PM EST

If you’ve received your latest NKOTB newsletter (I signed up for work!), you may have seen that the guys will be on Live with Regis and Kelly Feb. 19, and on Today‘s fourth hour Feb. 20. (The video for their new single “2 in the Morning” debuts Feb. 23 on AOL.) But did you read down far enough to see this:”CALL US! 1 (617) 830-1100We’re just a phone call away! Leave us a message, we MIGHT EVEN CALL YOU BACK”???

I dialed, and it’s a taped message from Joey Mac. This tactic is “old school,” he says. Leave a message, and one of them might phone you back when he’s on the road or onstage or on an ocean(?). Then he serenades you with a little “Call me, don’t be afraid you can, call us.”

Should I be expecting stupid taped messages on my phone (I mean, if I’d used my phone), or is there a chance that one of the Kids might actually dial back himself? Anyone out there get a call? And how rude would it be to ask Donnie, Jonathan, or Danny to pass the phone to Joey or Jordan?

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