By Lindsay Soll
February 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Rumors about what the heck is going to go down during the upcoming The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special (which airs the first week in March, in two parts) have been furiously swirling around the Internet the past couple of days, thanks in part to mysterious previews at the end of Monday’s episode, and host Chris Harrison’s blog. (“Something happens that’s so stunning anddramatic, we taped it in private without an audience,” Harrison writes. “This is a moment in Bachelor history you don’twant to miss.”) I know what you’re all thinking: What could Bachelor Jason Mesnick possibly do that would be so “stunning” and “dramatic”? Er, besides engaging in steamy hot tub love only to send the girl home because he only saw her as just a friend (cough Jillian cough)?

Well, a blogger who goes by the name of “Reality Steve” claimed early today that he’s got the answer to our thorny question: Jason, he says, apparently chooses Melissa in New Zealand, then during said special, dumps her and starts dating runner-up Molly. (Seriously, this dude analyzes the reality show in a similar way that our own Doc Jensen analyzes Lost). A spokesperson for ABC had no comment on Reality Steve’s so-called speculation, and I’m not so sure I do either. I mean, that would be crazy right? RIGHT?

 Bachelor fans, speak up: what are you thinking is going to happen during the After the Final Rose special? Could these rumors possibly be true? And if so, would this make you hate Jason or respect him for following his heart (even if it is a little after-the-fact)?


Chris Harrison hosts the veteran reality romance series. Will you accept this rose?
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