By Mandi Bierly
February 18, 2009 at 10:00 PM EST

Last night, after Ann Marie Boskovich failed to wow the judges with “Natural Woman” on American Idol, she joined Ryan Seacrest in the Red Room and sat on a particularly uncomfortable portion of the Coke Couch. “Oh, I just sat right on the hard part,” she said. Seacrest giggled. “We can hear everybody’s joke,” he responded, before tossing it to commercial. Now, I’m not calling Seacrest out on taking a family show to a naughty place — I would’ve loved to have heard the adult party line apparently going on in his earpiece at that moment. I’m just sad that my mind didn’t go there first. (I blame the cold medication I took for slowing it down, as well as the mind-numbing realization that, yet again, it found itself attracted to Seacrest. It was his sweater combo — totally worked, right?)

Where does Seacrest’s couch “joke” come in on the list of his most awkward Idol moments? Nominate other cringe-inducing memories now!

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