By Jeremy Medina
February 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Welcome to this week’s edition of EW’s New Music Roundup,aregular post highlighting the “Download This” track recommendationsfrom the latest crop of music reviews found in Entertainment Weekly.All songs are from albums that are in stores now, and most are readilyavailable via iTunes, eMusic, or similar services. Enjoy — and be sureto share with your fellow readers if you’ve got opinions on any of thefollowing albums or singles…

Staff Web Pick of the Week: Chester French’s “She Loves Everybody” video
Hey, remember when we told you about Chester French two years ago? Well, the dapper-looking duo of Harvard graduates have finally resurfaced with a sleek-looking music video for their debut single, “She Loves Everybody,” a.k.a. that song you heard on Entourage so, so many months ago. With a video now released, the band’s oft-delayed, much-talked about debut album Love the Future must be nearing its release date (the band’s publicist says it’s scheduled for March 31). Their MySpace says the album will include collaborations with Talib Kweli and singer/actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Science of Sleep), not to mention Pharrell’s involvement — Chester French is signed to the mogul’s Star Trak record label. One to watch, perhaps?

Steve Martin, The Crow
Genre: Bluegrass
EW Grade: B
Download This: “Pitkin County Turnaround”
(Check out Steve Martin online)

Bobby Valentino, The Rebirth
Genre: R&B
EW Grade: C–
Download This: “Just Me & You”
(Check out Bobby Valentino online)

Morrissey, Years of Refusal
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Something Is Squeezing My Skull”
(Check out Morrissey online)

Graham Nash, Reflections
Genre: Pop
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Military Madness”
(Check out Graham Nash online)

Thursday, Common Existence
Genre: Punk
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Friends in the Armed Forces”
(Check out Thursday online)

Ryan Leslie, Ryan Leslie
Genre: Pop
EW Grade: B
Download This: “Addiction”
(Check out Ryan Leslie online)

M. Ward, Hold Time
Genre: Indie Rock
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Stars of Leo”
(Check out M. Ward online)