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Updated February 16, 2009 at 08:16 PM EST
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In two weeks, we get an episode that promises to change everything with a “shocking death.” (Yay, sweeps!) Place your bets on the deceased in the comments section. In the meantime, a quick breakdown of last night’s hour of Walker drama.

• Nora visited Ryan (pictured): Nora went to Berkeley to give college student Ryan answers, but in the end, he just had more questions, like, Why did the man my mother cheated with have to be such a pig? (Rude, maybe. But a reasonable response under the circumstances.) Nora apologized to Ryan for her part in this mess — looking the other way when William was unfaithful — but it’s not her fault. She said she did confront William once about his wandering eye and he said he’d stop it — and didn’t. Nothing would’ve made that man keep it in his pants. Nora gave Ryan a plane ticket to come meet his brothers and sisters. He thought he was ready to use it, but apparently not. I don’t want him to turn out to be evil, but I’m liking that he’s not as easy to read as Rebecca was…

• Robert continued to lie to Kitty: Kevin knew that Kitty was a ticking time bomb when she failed to let Robert have it for not discussing his gubernatorial run with her, and she went off in a print interview promoting her book saying things that would make their marriage sound unstable. When the reporter contacted Kevin to get Robert’s response, Robert told Kevin to kill the piece. Stay with me now: Robert told Kitty he thought she was trying to sabotage his race, when she always knew how ambitious he was; Kitty told Robert ambition is no excuse for a husband not to consider his wife’s point of view. Robert then threw some “honesty” crap in her face, which made about as much sense to me as Blane throwing that “I believed in you…. You just didn’t believe in me” line at Andie in Pretty in Pink. (I’m like, she didn’t believe in you because you stopped answering her calls and told her you’d forgotten you asked someone else to prom, Blane. And Robert, Kitty was honest with you. She told you she didn’t want to go through another campaign with a new baby, which is why you hid the news from her.) Anyway, Kitty told Kevin that she wouldn’t ask Robert not to run because she thought he’d choose the race over her, so Kevin told Robert he’d have to kill the story himself. Robert and Kitty appeared to have one of their unnaturally level-headed conversations in which everything is magically resolved: She wants him to have his moment, and he wants her to say and do what she wants without worrying about how it’ll affect his campaign. But cut to Kitty coming to Kevin and asking his help in smoothing over her quotes with the reporter, and Kevin telling her that Robert had killed the story. I wish she would’ve just walked straight into Robert’s office and slapped/kicked him. In the preview for the next episode, Robert is seen on the campaign trail, while Kitty is at the hospital, worrying he’ll miss the birth of the baby they’re adopting. I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t hoping that it was him who meets an untimely end. (Well, him or Tommy.)

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• Rebecca left her cell on when she didn’t want to be reached: Did that annoy anyone else? Turn off the phone! Justin kept calling Rebecca, who was in New York City nottelling David why she suddenly came to visit him. After some awkwardscenes, they finally had a heart-to-heart. He admitted that heshouldn’t have accepted the “out” she gave him when she asked him toleave California so she could keep pretending she was a Walker; shetold him her theory on Tommy’s plan to boot Holly from the business.Rebecca decided it was time to stop running away from things, and David surprisedher at the airport and boarded the plane with her. Nicely done, David. I just thought he was going to tell her to keep his spare keys.

• Holly figured out Tommy is a bastard. After Holly foughtwith Justin about whose fault it was that Rebecca left town, she wentthrough Rebecca’s desk and decided to take a closer look at thecontract for the acquisition. She went to Saul when she noticed thename of a third company on the papers. Saul thought he was convincing when he playedit off as nothing to worry about, just a holding company for Crawford,but Holly took it to her lawyers, who discovered that said holdingcompany was newly incorporated by one Tommy Walker. If the deal goes through, he’ll have enough shares to force her out. I never thought I’d be rootingfor Holly, but I hope she takes Tommy down. Saul confronted Tommy, whosaid he borrowed money from Ojai’s pension plan (just like his dad had once done) to make the deal for the land. Saul was right: Holly’s role at Ojai is legit. Tommy is being a douche. (Okay, I’m paraphrasing.)

There you have it. Time to confess your death wish. And while you’re sharing, how do you think/hope Ryan will fit in with the Walkers?

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