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February 13, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Amnesia! Wildlife attacks! Adventures in babysitting! Even the best 24 seasons run off the rails at some point — though thankfully, they usually recover. We offer a season-by-season account of where things went wrong.

Season 1
Where it went wrong: Hour 17, when Jack’s wife, Teri, gets amnesia, apparently having suffered a run-in with a daytime soap plot.

Season 2
Where it went wrong: Hour 11, when Kim’s showdown with a cougar in the wilderness becomes 24‘s signature WTF? moment.

Season 3
Where it went wrong: Hour 10, when Chloe can’t work on stopping a deadly virus because she’s too busy caring for Random Mystery CTU Baby.

Season 4
Where it went wrong: Hour 24, when Jack dies…on purpose! He’s then revived and goes into hiding. After a plot twist that ludicrous, we don’t blame him.

Season 5
Where it went wrong: Hour 7, in the one off note during an otherwise exemplary season, Lynn McGill endures an embarrassing mugging in the CTU parking lot.

Season 6
Where it went wrong: Hour 1. Wayne Palmer as prez. Jack’s daddy issues. Curtis going bonkers. Season 6 flatlined from the start.

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