Movie set lingo -- Oscar-winning producer Tony Bill demystifies film set jargon for everyday folk

By Adam Markovitz
Updated February 13, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Oscar-winning producer Tony Bill (The Sting) demystifies movie-set lingo in his new book, Movie Speak.

Butterfly Lighting
”A high, diffuse lighting source centered ? on an actress’s face to minimize skin flaw, nose shadows, etc.”

The last take before everyone heads home — a play on the old crew-member ?joke: ”The next shot is in a glass.”

It’s not just for Westerns — this term ?applies to any ”shot that is framed from ?the holstered-gun level.”

Jane? Russell
”A shot framed across the middle of the chest, named for actress Jane Russell, who was known for her estimable bustline.”

Used to dramatic effect in movies like ?Doubt, a shot is said to be ”dutched” whenever it isn’t framed parallel to the ground.

Doris Day ?Parking
Named after the beloved 1960s screen queen, this simply refers to ”the best ? parking space(s) on the lot.”