By Jeff Probst
Updated February 13, 2009 at 06:00 PM EST

Mark my words. Survivor: Tocantins will go down as one of your favorite Survivor seasons. I know I’ve said that about other seasons in the past and check the records, haven’t I usually been right? Some seasons I’m not sure how the audience will react, so I say nothing, but when I’m sure, I scream it.

This is me screaming: YES! YES! YES! Say it with me. YES! YES! YES! Yes is my new favorite word. Life is so much more fun when you just let go of your fears and say ”YES” to whatever. Don’t believe me? Try it. Today, just say ”YES” to everything that comes your way. Let me know how it goes.

Okay, so to episode one. Well, here’s something I was dead wrong about.I never thought Carolina would be first out. In fact, I thought shecould go a long way. I was way off on that one. Too bad, we always seemto lose a cute girl early. What is wrong with these people? Don’t theyrealize this is their show? They should get rid of the ugly and boringpeople and keep the attractive and entertaining ones. Like Sydney.Please don’t turn around and vote out Sydney next week. Carolina maynot have understood how to play Survivor but I’m sure there are a fewfans already missing her. Whatever. I get paid either way.

While we’re here, let’s start the blindside tally. That’s the first of what will be a record-setting season of blindsides.

I loved our opening twist. We on the Survivor creative team were allrather proud when we stumbled upon the simple but effective notion of”first impressions” as an episode 1 twist. In fact, if I remembercorrectly, we all downed a case of Brazilian beer as a toast toourselves. The twist worked and it plays out for quite a while.

Sandy and Sierra are clearly still in trouble as a result of the firstimpression vote, but you have to admit, it’s amazing that neither ofthem were the first person voted out, all things considered. I thinkSandy took a risky approach – clearly selfish and probably based on thefact that she feels a bit ”odd woman out” due to age. Sierraimpressed me with her desire to instantly try to win back favor on hertribe by working hard on the shelter. I think it worked. Hard work andthe ability to say… ”YES”… can get you a long way in life. I betSierra wins the whole thing! Ka-ching! Either that or she’ll fall inlove with a Survivor producer and make cute little Survivor babies. Istill get paid either way.

”And now here’s something we think you’ll really enjoy!” (Can anyonename that cartoon character?) We have something very special for youfans this season, it’s a new Survivor philosophy, you might even callit a religion of sorts. IT goes by the name Coach. Stay open to IT.Stay open to Coach. Beautiful things may emerge if you just open yourarms and accept what Coach can offer you. Salvation? I doubt it. Greatlaughs? Absolutely. Coach is a star. He was meant to be on Survivor. Ionly wish we could clone him. I’m already pushing CBS to do anotherAll-Star season just so we can have him back. Plus, my friend Serenaalready likes Coach, so there’s that.

We have so many great characters this season. I’d list some of them butthat would just irritate the ones I left off. Oh who cares, like Isaid, I get paid either way. Okay, in no particular order: Tyson, J.T.,Steven, Sierra, Brendan, Taj, Sandy, Debbie, Spencer, Erinn. Yes I knowyou are already wondering if that means these people last a long time.Guess you’ll have to watch to find out…and maybe I left one or twooff the list just to throw you off. Maybe. You never know. Especiallywhen I write this blog late at night, I get lippy and sometimes I justsay things that simply aren’t true.

And let’s just get this out of the way, for all the Survivor: Tocantinsparticipants, don’t take these blogs too seriously. I only mean half ofwhat I say. The other half of what I feel, I never share at all. It’sall just fun. I love you all equally. But mostly Coach.

Next week, Exile Island comes into play. Cue Probst dramatic voice:”This year, we have the most desolate and unforgiving Exile Islandever.” Okay, I’ve said that before too, but this time it really is!You’ll see.

Plus, there is a twist on Exile that creates some interestingreality…I won’t spoil it, but if only we had thought of this idea afew seasons ago, we’d be crushing American Idol in the ratings. Ohrelax, Seacrest, I’m kidding. You guys are still the king. Whatever.Blah, blah, blah. I still get paid…just not nearly as much as you,Ryan. That does bother me a little bit. I’ll admit it. I mean I don’tdo Survivor for the money, but when I see Ryan’s house I do get a bitenvious. It’s a pretty cool house. Then again, he’s a cool dude, so Ijust say ”YES” and move on with my still glorious life.

It’s 2 a.m. as I’m writing this and honestly these blogs are a bit liketherapy for me, only $150 an hour cheaper. So far I’ve saved $50.

Okay is that enough for this first episode blog? Serena says, ”Yes,baby, it’s enough already. Come to bed, it’s late.” Ah theimagination. It’s a terrible thing to waste.

So be it. To bed I go. Talk next week. Share your comments and as always I’ll respond as time allows.

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