February 13, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Leading Man
I am so happy to see Brendan Fraser getting the attention he deserves (”2 Billion Reasons Why Brendan Fraser Deserves Some Respect”). Anyone who can go from being the missing Link in Encino Man to the scholarly David in School Ties earned the recognition. It’s about time we give respect to an actor who isn’t afraid to be in all kinds of movies — whether they be about mummies or making deals with the Devil.
Valerie Grayson
Sugar Land, Tex.

Pop Icon
Benjamin Svetkey’s cover story on President Barack Obama was excellent (”President Rock Star”). You know a president is a pop culture phenom when even his infomercial and a comic book featuring him break records.
Renee Newbold
Newport News, Va.

King of Comedy
A million thank-yous for your feature on the legendary Jerry Lewis(”Justice for Jerry”). Nobody has done more for his fellow man than Lewis, and the recognition for his unparalleled charity work is overdue. Plus, some of us believe that The Nutty Professor is the greatest comedy film of all time.
Dana Jensen
Everett, Wash.

Best Episode Ever?
Yes, it’s a ”cult-TV geek’s dream” to see Liz Lemon get some much-needed good stuff from the likes of Jon Hamm, and I can already hear the critics’ sobs of joy (TV). The only thing to amp it up a bit would be if they took a road trip to Dillon, Tex., in a rolling meth lab, only to find that someone had moved the town, then Hamm’s character turns out to be a Cylon.
Jim Revis
Fort Lauderdale

A Fan’s Farewell
I’m very disappointed that Patrick McGoohan’s death did not even merit a mention in Monitor. He will be hailed for years to come for his 1960s TV show The Prisoner, which has inspired so many programs since (including Lost). And don’t forget his memorable role as the evil King Edward in Braveheart. You dropped the ball on this one.
Chris Kocher
Endicott, N.Y.

EW.COM Oscar Watch
Readers had tons of questions about our Oscars coverage, and resident expert Dave Karger is here with answers. Check out his online column for all the latest news at oscar-watch.ew.com.

Why isn’t Slumdog Millionaire under the foreign-film category?
—Kathy Perry, Lacey, Wash.

Even though part of ‘Slumdog’ is in Hindi, most of the film is in English. And because it’s a British production, it wasn’t eligible as India’s official Oscar entry (each country is allowed only one submission).

It’s unfathomable that Revolutionary Road and its two stars weren’t nominated. What do you think, Dave?
—Joe Casarella, Wash. Crossing, Pa.

I couldn’t agree more. I think Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet gave two of the strongest performances of the year. But I hear that many voters were turned off by the film’s bleak tone.

No Dark Knight for Best Picture? Does the Academy dismiss it as just a comic-book movie?
—Michael Wood, Las Vegas

This one still perplexes me. After it won recognition from the Producers, Directors, and Writers Guilds, I thought it was in. Since all five Best Picture nominees were released in November or December, I can only conclude that there’s a bias, intentional or not, against summer blockbusters.

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