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February 13, 2009 at 11:20 PM EST

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I loved the way last night’s 30 Rock handled Valentine’s Day, because there are cool-ish women out there who tend to not prioritize a timely calculation as to when exactly this “holiday” will attack. If it happens to fall on Saturday/Stew night, then WHATEVER, and personally I have trouble wrapping my creme-filled head around the notion that there’s only one special day we should stuff our faces full of chocolate…not to mention substitute cheddar cheese for water. When you live every day like it’s February 14th, it becomes nearly impossible to make the distinction. No 30 Rock clip has better illustrated this philosophy than Lemon’s proposed alternative to Jack’s high-class V-Day dessert. Press play below, and try not to die laughing…tomorrow’s VALENTINE’S DAY, after all.

(Click here for Tina Fey’s take on the perfect doughnut: “You go blind for about five seconds when you eat it.”) More 30 Rock, after the jump.

While Regular Person Lemon spent most of the episode in Jon HammWith Floppy Hair Land, catering to the all-of-a-sudden emotionallyneedy Dr. Drew Baird, Jack faux-basked in the glory of God, terrifiedthat Elisa would discover he was nowhere near the caliber of even a”convenient Catholic” who only goes to church once a week. Jack’son-the-spot rewriting of the “Our Father” was reminiscent of his other25-karat gold leaf-worthy multitasking performance, that one time heconducted a business call and a Lemon in-person consult at the sametime. (Lemon: “Aha! That didn’t work — you said sir.” Jack: “Ithink it worked just fine.”) Jack’s confession scene was even better,particularly the admission that he once claimed he was God in adeposition. (As reader Donovan Green rushed to email us: “Thiswas a hilarious reference to ascene in the film Malice!”)

In the end, Elisa wasn’t buying Jack’s rather sensible suggestionthat “God wants us to leave here, get a good meal, and go to town oneach other,” and the damn crazy gringo was left to enjoy his specialdessert — “Is this, like, a Sixth Sense thing?” — alone. But thanks be to God and/or heavenly fast food coupons, Jack wouldget to see the crazy underwears Elisa had on. Considering Dr. Baird andLemon’s increasingly awful timing — he saw her on the toilet on thefirst date; she put her mouth on his mouth right after hismother-actually-grandmother died — the future for TV’s most promisinglydelicious couple, Iced Lemon Cake, might not be so sweet.

Backon the ranch (or NBC Studios — sometimes I forget because we barelysee it), Kenneth crushed on Jennifer, a blind girl whose instincts havenever failed her except that one time she looked at an eclipse.Very cute casting — Maria Thayer played Jack McBrayer’s fiancee in Forgetting Sarah Marshall— but I was more excited that she used to be Tammy “Tamela” Littlenut,the endearingly pathetic do-gooder who bore the brunt of Jerri Blank’slesbianic advances in Strangers With Candy. Tracy starredconvincingly as The Voice of Kenneth in this mini rom-com (my favoriteoutburst was “Corncobs!”) but to no avail: After an inspection of thetopography of Kenneth’s non-chin and the horrifying realization thather new man was not black, Jennifer signed out. (“Look at the time!”said the blind girl.) Jenna popped up for her weekly cameo, ostensiblyto perform her Song of the Week as Michael McDonald — but perhaps, abit more subtly, to squeeze another Micky D’s reference into the wintrymix.

Hey, that scarf you’re wearing is fun! Psych. What’d you think of last night’s 30 Rock?

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in the Emmy-winning comedy. You want to go to there.
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