By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 11:15 AM EST

U2’s newly announced Late Night With David Letterman residency — they’re playing the show every weeknight from March 2 through March 6 — is “unprecedented,” according to the press release I just got. It also seems a tiny bit, well, desperate. Does a band of U2’s stature really need to work that hard to drum up interest in their new album? (No Line on the Horizon comes out March 3, a fact you will no doubt be hearing frequently if you watch Letterman that week.)

Hey, maybe they do. Nobody can count on guaranteed album sales these days, obviously, and I can’t really begrudge Bono & Co. for doing everything they can to remind their fans of their latest project. I bet I’ll end up tuning in for at least a couple of nights that week just to see how U2 is sounding, anyway. How about you? Is five nights in a row overkill, or are you thrilled to be getting so much U2 in a single week? What songs do you hope they’ll perform, once they get current single “Get On Your Boots” out of the way?

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