By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 11:35 AM EST

If you’re still laughing and/or wincing at the epic crotch-into-camera encounter Bruce Springsteen inadvertently experienced during this year’s Super Bowl halftime set, you can finally rest easy. None other than the Boss himself has stepped up to uncover just what happened there. According to a lengthy journal entry he just posted on his official site, it was all a matter of timing: “Too much adrenalin, a latedrop, too much speed, here I come Mike…BOOM! And I’m onto his camera….”

Whether or not you ever cared about the crotch-slam moment, though, Springsteen’s journal entry is well worth reading for fans. It’s a revealing look at why he decided to take the Super Bowl gig, how he felt before, during, and after the big set, and what makes him keep going these days. The eloquent, literary prose style Springsteen uses is a reminder that the guy would probably be one of America’s finest writers if he wasn’t one of its finest rockers. And the Boss really doesn’t have to give away that level of detail about his emotions and thought processes — hell, he’s already opening up to us more in his music than many celebrities do with all the MySpace blogs and press junkets in the world. It’s a token of how much he respects us that he’s willing to publish such an honest piece, wouldn’t you say? Click here to read the whole thing — or, if you must, just keep reliving that crotch slam, below. We won’t tell.

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