By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

So Joaquin Phoenix last night? With the weirdness? And the mumbling? It was definitely bizarre and uncomfortable, but it’s far from the first time someone’s put on nine pairs of crazypants for his or her Letterman appearance. If anything, it’s something of a tradition, and Phoenix’s performance isn’t even the mumbliest, grimiest, or just plain strangest of the bunch.

You want weird? Crispin Glover will give you weird.

Hey, don’t worry that Joaquin seemed a little spaced out. Compared how Farrah Fawcet seemed on her ill-fated appearance, he was the world’s most focused, lucid human.

Harmony Korine was definitely less coherent then Phoenix, though Dave’s dad-like irritation at insolence is in full force. Remember, kids, if you’re going on Letterman, put on a suit and dont chew gum.

I don’t think I’d really call that a classic so much as a personal pick. Actual classics, including the It’s-Obvious-But-I-Have-To-Mention-It Madonna Meltdown after the jump….

Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler! (Warning: The audio’s NSFW, unless your office loves cursing.) Yes, it was staged, but at the time it seemed real! Or so my ancestors tell me.

Also getting on the What The Hell train: Harvey Pekar. I particularly like this clip because you can see how rattled and argumentative Dave is, compared to how bemused and in control he seems with Joaquin.

Oh yeah, the Great Madonna Craziness of 1994, with additional NSFW potty language:

Man, the 90s were a wild time. Just ask Drew Barrymore. Or her bare breasts:

Whew, that was a lot of David Letterman. When you think late-night meltdown, what comes to your mind?