By Michael Ausiello
Updated February 12, 2009 at 09:23 PM EST

USA Network has filed for divorce from The Starter Wife, citing irreconcilable ratings.

When the Debra Messing-fronted Wife debuted in 2007 as a six-hour miniseries, it attracted more than 5 million viewers and went on to earn 10 Emmy nominations. However, ratings for its 10-episode first season averaged just 2.4 million viewers — a decent number by most cable standards, but not for USA, where its top shows (Burn Notice, Monk) regularly pull in around 6 million.

In an exclusive statement, USA called Starter Wife a "critical and creative success," and added that the Dec. 12 season finale served as a "satisfying conclusion" to the franchise.

Do you agree? Did Wife‘s climax satisfy you? Are you grateful you got those 10 bonus episodes, or should it have just remained a miniseries? And, putting your agent cap on for a moment, what do you think Messing should do next? Sound off in the comments section!