So the TV gossip gods are all aflutter this morning over the news that Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan will be leaving her role as neighborhood floozy Edie Britt in April. (Why did I just single her out as the “neighborhood floozy”? They’re all floozies!) Naturally, the announcement is already raising some questions–head over to the latest installment of Ask Ausiello to read my esteemed colleague’s opinion–and I must admit that it’s made me a little sadder than I expected. I didn’t really think I was an Edie Britt fan, but taken as a whole, Housewives has been a lot sparkier, campier, and downright funnier because of Sheridan’s vampy performance. The one-time Knots Landing ingenue has always done a nice job of balancing Edie’s emotionally icy exterior with the softer, needy side that emerges from time to time. She hasn’t always been the most likable of Housewives, but Wisteria Lane is going to be a lot less fun without Edie gallivanting down the street in tube tops and Daisy Dukes.

What do you think? Are you happy about the news that Sheridan (or is it just Edie?) will be leaving the Housewives canvas? Will the show suffer without her? Talk to me!

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