By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

So this video of Salma Hayek breast-feeding a sick infant in SierraLeone wins today’s “biggest eyebrow-raiser” award, partly because it’sunusual in this day and age to see people breast-feeding other people’schildren, but also because her left breast has now done more for humanity in afew minutes than I’ve done in roughly my life.

Additional kudos for the two other things this clip has taught us:

1) Sierra Leonehas the highest rate ofinfant mortality of any nation; over 20 percent of those kidsdie from neonatal tetanus — which can be prevented by immunizingmothers.

2) A big honkin’ nobody watches Nightline:This segment aired on Thursday and is just making it to Ye OldeIntarnets today? Not since dial-up has so much time elapsed between acelebrity bosom appearing on television and the clip appearingon the Web.

Anyone else see this rather amazing (in more ways the one) clip? How cool is Salma Hayek?