By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 06:16 AM EST

Welcome to this week’s edition of EW’s New Music Roundup,aregular post highlighting the “Download This” track recommendationsfrom the latest crop of music reviews found in Entertainment Weekly.All songs are from albums that are in stores now, and most are readilyavailable via iTunes, eMusic, or similar services. Enjoy — and be sureto share with your fellow readers if you’ve got opinions on any of thefollowing albums or singles…

Staff Web Pick of the Week: TV on the Radio on The Colbert Report
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We’d probably have wound up grinning by the end of Stephen Colbert’s interview with the Brooklyn art-rockers last night, even if his first question hadn’t been about EW’s Best/Worst 2008 issue…but it was, and we love this clip all the more for it. Plus, TVOTR’s performance of “Dancing Choose” sounded a bit better here than it did on Saturday Night Live.

This week’s reviews:

Lily Allen, It’s Not You, It’s Me
Genre: Pop
EW Grade: B
Download This: “The Fear”
(Check out Lily Allen online)

Van Morrison, Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Madame George”
(Check out Van Morrison online)

Wynonna, Sing: Chapter 1
Genre: Adult Contemporary
EW Grade: C
Download This: “That’s How Rhythm Was Born”
(Check out Wynonna online)

India.Arie, Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics
Genre: Soul
EW Grade: C+
Download This: “Better Way”
(Check out India.Arie online)

Dierks Bentley, Feel That Fire
Genre: Country
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “You Hold Me Together”
(Check out Dierks Bentley online)

Heartless Bastards, The Mountain
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Hold Your Head High”
(Check out Heartless Bastards online)

Titus Andronicus, The Airing of Grievances
Genre: Indie Rock
EW Grade: A
Download This: “Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ”
(Check out Titus Andronicus online)

Vetiver, Tight Knit
Genre: Folk Rock
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “More of This”
(Check out Vetiver online)