By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 29, 2020 at 04:30 PM EDT

Here we go again.

The ongoing soap opera concerning Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight’s uncertain Grey’s Anatomy futures took another crazy turn today when co-star James Pickens Jr. confirmed to US Weekly that both actors are indeed leaving the show.

“Yes, she is,” Pickens said when asked if Heigl was checking out of Seattle Grace. “Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her

nothing but the best.” And what about Knight? “He’s going too,” Pickens said. “He just wanted to pursue other career paths.”

ABC isn’t commenting, but here’s what sources close to the situation are telling me about Pickens’ comments: Dude jumped the gun.

While it’s hardly a secret that Heigl and Knight want off the show,

Alphabet execs have yet to officially issue the actors their Get Out of

Jail Free cards. Unofficially, however, all indications are that it

will happen. The only question now is when.

“Right now, the whole thing is in the hands of their agents and

ABC’s lawyers,” explains an insider. “Something will probably be worked

out soon, but it’s a safe bet that Katherine and T.R. won’t be

returning as series regulars next season.”

If you believe the rumors, Heigl has been trying to wiggle her way out of her Grey’s

contract for the better part of the past two years. (She’s a movie

star, people!) Knight, meanwhile, approached the show’s producers last fall about making an early exit. As I previously reported, the Isaiahgate survivor has been frustrated by his lack of air time. “He’s an actor. He wants to act,” a Grey’s insider told me at the time. “It’s that simple.”

One possible wrinkle that may be delaying an official announcement: Grey’s

boss Shonda Rhimes may want Heigl and Knight to briefly reprise their

roles next season. “There’s talk of one or both of them doing an arc in

the fall,” whispers a Grey’s snitch. “That’s one of several things being discussed.”

What do you think? Would Grey’s flatline without George and Izzie? Or has it gotten to the point where you’re so sick of hearing about them leaving that you just want them to leave, period? Sound off below!

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