By Ken Tucker
Updated February 10, 2009 at 05:25 PM EST
Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Last night, 24‘s FBI agent Renee Walker jumped her personal shark. (Spoiler [and I can’t believe I have to add this for something that aired last night] alert.) All it took was two scenes: When she looked agonized at the notion of threatening the wife and baby of a bad guy, and when she stupidly told her boss Larry that Jack had killed that bad guy. Please understand, I’m not knocking Annie Wersching, the actress who plays Walker–she’s reading the lines and emoting as the scenes dictate.

But why do the 24 writers and producers have to make her such a sap? If Renee Walker is supposed to represent the conscience of this season–the character who’s caught up in Jack Bauer’s ruthless pursuit of his honorable goals–then why does Walker have to be such a wimpy sentimentalist? And why the hell did she have to go and rat out Jack to Henry? Sure, that move was a plot device, one that I’m sure will be analyzed brilliantly by my colleague Dan Snierson in his 24 TV Watch (go read it now!), but it just seemed so… pathetic. Making a woman the season’s weakest link–we’ve been there before. Her name was Kim Bauer…