By Jason Adams
Updated February 09, 2009 at 09:57 PM EST

Looks like Mark, Tom, and Travis have taken a page out of the Obama play book: Less than 12 hours after announcing to the world on the Grammys that they’d be reuniting after four years, Blink-182 already have their 2009 reunion site (pictured) set up. I, for one, am pretty excited. I caught their 2004 co-headlining tour with No Doubt — you kinda forget that Blink-182 was as big as, and sometimes bigger than, Gwen and Co. — which was worth the price of admission alone just for Travis’ extended drum solo atop a riser above the crowd. (Yes, Gwen’s back flips certainly added value, too.)

Their side projects over the years — Tom’s Angels & Airwaves, Mark and Travis’ +44 — demonstrated how talented each is in his own right, but mostly, they just reminded us that we’d rather be seeing and listening to Blink. So, while they didn’t stay together for the kids, they did get back together for them (even if most of the “kids” have mortgages and kids of their own by now).

No Doubt are also reuniting for shows this summer, for the first time since that ’04 tour with Blink. Rumors have it that Blink will be doing some dates opening for Green Day, which should be great — but for old time’s sake, maybe they could double up with No Doubt again, if for just one?