You know that there are fond feelings for Michael Phelps as a former Saturday Night Live host when Seth Meyers’ best material on Weekend Update last night was a stinging rant against the guy who took a picture of Phelps and the bong.

Otherwise, what were the high points? Anyone like the Digital Short with T-Pain on the boat? Sure, host Bradley Cooper was pleasant and enthusiastic, but his material? The game show about having sex with contestants’ wives? Cooper’s okay Christian Bale impersonation in a dull bit about Bale’s rage? The intervention sketch where he and Kristen Wiig made rude noises? Speaking of Wiig, her Kathie Lee Gifford and Bjork were excellent, but I doubt I’m the only person who thinks she’s on-screen way too much these days–at best, she’s carrying too much of the load.

At the other extreme, the person not pulling his weight at all anymore has got to be disappearin’ Darrell Hammond. What, that tiny, weird, stiffly-acted role of his on Damages is keeping him from SNL reheasals? I doubt it.

Oh, well–there’s always the next SNL: Alec Baldwin will be back. The Generalissimo returns!