By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated February 07, 2009 at 05:14 AM EST
Credit: Paul Morigi/

What is it with actors running for high office? Ever since Ronald Reagan proved it could be done, Hollywood entertainers have been making power grabs at every level of the American government. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fred Thompson. Gopher from The Love Boat. Even Congressman Sonny Bono made a run for the Senate, years before Al Franken got the idea. And now Val Kilmer may be mulling over a bid for the Governor of New Mexico in 2010, when Bill Richardson’s second term runs out.

The one-time Batman owns a ranch in the state, which technically makes him eligible to be on a ballot, but, really? He has enough trouble drawing people into movie theaters, let alone voting booths: The guy hasn’t had a $100 million hit in 10 years, since he did the voice of God in The Prince of Egypt (talk about a power grab).

What do you think, Pop Watchers? Is New Mexico ready to elect The Saint for Governor?

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