By Tanner Stransky
February 06, 2009 at 10:09 PM EST
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Assistant duo Marc and Amanda are one of the best reasons to be tuning into Ugly Betty these days. Last night, they killed with a bevy of great quips: “Okay, so I couldn’t find a male point of view, but I did find Marc,” Amanda said, after failing to find someone with a Y chromosome to weight in on Betty’s boy woes. I giggled heartily at that one! And Marc served up one of the best lines of the evening after taking over the lease of Betty’s apartment: “I wanna change everything, and I mean everything. I’m talking Extreme Makeover: Homo Edition,” he said, as he made plans to gayify the dump.

Want more sound bites from the pair? Just check out the video of my four favorite quips from Marc and Amanda below, then vote for your favorite in the poll that follows. Craving even more bites from the Ugly Betty crew? A round-up of all the best lines from last night is after the jump. Tell me which ones you loved or hated — or which ones I missed — in the comments!


“You mean, another crazy person? You see, Amanda just bought her dog a watch because she’s says he’s always late.” —Betty

“Darling, great news! Just got off the phone with Graydon. He got us our favorite table… at the Waverly Inn. Well, they bumped Jennifer Aniston. She always cries at that table.” —Wilhelmina, to new beau Connor

“Betty, why are you being so picky? Except for tiny baby-teeth girl I could have lived with any of these people.” —Amanda, on Betty’s insane roommate-screening process

“I bet you’d like to smash that guitar over his bed head.” —Amanda, about Betty’s shaggy-haired love interest Jesse

“Betty, this is very big of you. And unlike in the past, I mean that as a compliment.” —Amanda, with yet another dig at Betty

“Okay, so I couldn’t find a male point of view, but I did find Marc.” —Amanda, after pulling Marc in for a male opinion on Betty’s boy drama

“Is it possible he was licking guacamole off your chin? You are known to have food situations.” —Amanda, questioning whether Betty’s kiss with Jesse was really a kiss or something else

“Not eating? The story is getting more and more preposterous!” —Marc, after hearing that Betty actually wasn’t eating during her hang with Jesse

“Okay, I’ve reached a conclusion.” —Amanda
“As have I. If Jesse was able to get past all of this [motions up and down Betty’s physique], then maybe there’s something between you. Or he could have just been drunk off his ass.” —Marc, in disbelief that Betty’s love interest Jesse would actually be interested in her

“Doesn’t it comfort you that you and Connor do share a love of fine dining, capitalism, and covert, late-night surveillances?” —Marc, to Willy, on the things she has in common with her new love Connor

“What’s black and white and brown all under?” —Marc
“Betty?” —Wilhelmina, in surprise, while staking outside of her beau Connor’s ex-fiancé’s apartment

“Well, I guess I’m off.” —Betty
“Oh, I’ll miss you.” —Amanda
“You’ll see me at work.” —Betty
“Yah, but I probably won’t be as nice.” —Amanda, after severing their relationship as roommates

“Okay, I let you do that once. From now on, I orchestrate my own entrances!” —Marc, after Betty steals his thunder upon his entrance into his new apartment

“But what about your place?” —Amanda
“Oh, they raised my rent again. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal runs shirtless in the park across the street. Take that, restraining order!” —Marc, on why he had to vacate his old place

“Hmmm, I didn’t know about the nosy landlady. OK, I wanna change everything, and I mean everything. I’m talking Extreme Makeover: Homo Edition.” —Marc, after taking over the lease of Betty’s old apartment

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