''The Survivors Club'' author Ben Sherwood picks which disaster-movie heroes would be able to make it through

Which famous disaster-movie heroes would have a shot at joining the Survivors Club? And which wouldn’t even stand a chance? The Survivors Club author Ben Sherwood gives us his picks.

The Day After Tomorrow
Turns out Jake Gyllenhaal was right to burn all those books. ”You have to protect your body temperature.”

Could Rose have really survived floating in the cold Atlantic waters? ”Not in a nightgown and a little coat,” Sherwood says.

I Am Legend
Just like Will Smith’s character, the last man alive might befriend mannequins: ”You can only last for so long without companionship.”

Snakes on a Plane
Sherwood has yet to learn how to survive reptile attacks. ”I plan to write a sequel,” he says, ”and I promise serpents will be covered.”

I Am Legend
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  • 100 minutes