A look at the films and TV shows that pay homage to the ''Star Wars'' heroine, including ''30 Rock,'' ''Spaceballs,'' and more


This month’s Fanboys is just the latest film or TV show to give a shout-out to Princess Leia, an unlikely icon with her cinnabun ‘do in 1977’s Star Wars and her slave bikini in Return of the Jedi.

Spaceballs, 1987
The spoiled Druish princess in Mel Brooks’ all-out space spoof, Daphne Zuniga’s Vespa wore headphones that resembled Leia’s bookend curls.

Friends, 1996
Jennifer Aniston aimed to please, but every good nerf herder knows you can’t mix the earmuffs and the slave bikini. Worlds collide!

That ’70s Show, 1999
In Eric’s worst Star Wars nightmare, his girlfriend (Laura Prepon) abandoned him for Darth Vader.

Chuck, 2007
As if Chuck weren’t gaga already, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) unveiled a CIA-issued costume for a Halloween party.

Dancing With the Stars, 2007
Dancing to John Williams in a Princess Leia inspired outfit is acceptable only at the Mos Eisley cantina.

30 Rock, 2008
Carrie Fisher once cameoed, but Tina Fey twisted the Force for evil, donning Leia garb to get out of jury duty.

Fanboys, 2009
Veronica Mars used to toil at Java the Hut, so it’s fitting that Kristen Bell found the key to the galaxy’s Pavlovian Leia fetish: a chain leash.