We get a lot of strange reader mail here at EW — letters from rabid fans, prisoners, etc. — but one piece in particular made us stop in our tracks: A Oscar-themed poem by 16-year-old Sam Carruthers from McHenry, Ill. (see his poem below). In fact, we were so impressed with Sam’s rhyming skillz that we decided to launch our own Oscar poetry contest. So log onto to submit your awe-inspiring verse about slumdogs, Jokers, or Mickey Rourke’s pet chihuahuas.

I have something to say and here is the reason,
Deep breath, drum roll, It’s Oscar season!
Realized on the way to see Kate and Leo
Amid “A Milli” and tracks by Ne-Yo,
My car radio spouted a message thankfully not tardy,
“This year, what are you doing for your Oscar party?”
Hit by a certain rush, almost wanted to jeer,
How is it already this time of year?!
The question gets to me and I ponder this
Then I think about this year’s flicks and reminisce.
Wondering about what and who I would crown,
Check through my head, a quick rundown.
Sean Penn and Josh Brolin really carried
A film comparable to a pie of chocolate silk,
And with that treat how about sips of vino
I tip my glass with cheers going to
Gran Torino.
Ugh. My computer stalled and now I’m fixin’
Trying to Fandango tickets for
Sorry I couldn’t see it. The fault is all mine.
Shouldn’t have gone to see
My Bloody Valentine
But back to the great and groundbreaking, stuff like Fantasia,

Slumdog made my friend Erin want to fly to South Asia.
Dev Patel deserves a nod, make sure to write that down,
But the real winner is the one who looks like a clown.
Even if he doesn’t win the statue, it’s no factor,
Mr. Heath Ledger, Best Supporting Actor.
In other areas I am a fan of Rourke and Cruz
A toss-up for director, wish I had an oracle to use,
And despite the fact it isn’t a nominee,
Let us all profess our love for
Marley and Me.
Now I’m off to see the other films I still can.
(They apparently changed the script to
Liar, Liar and named it Yes Man)
To every actor and film, great, terrible, or fine,
Hollywood…good luck in ’09.

addCredit(“Penn: Phil Bray; Langella: Ralph Nelson”)