By Annie Barrett
Updated February 06, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Thanks to last night’s 30 Rock, my totally appropriate crushes on both Jon Hamm and Tina Fey as individuals have given way to a slightly cringe-y full-blown obsession with the concept of them as a potential couple. They’ve become this globular being composed of adorably awkward glances and torn-open Netflix containers, all bound together by gooey strings of fondue. I wanna take this globular being, which I believe should be called Iced Lemon Cake, behind the middle school and…no. (Yes.)

At first, I wondered if Lemon’s aggressively desperate maneater tactics seemed a bit out of character. Taking a camera pic of Dr. Baird under the guise of wanting to show it to her barber was pathetic(-ally awesome) enough — but then to feign canine ownership and trap an unsuspecting frosting enthusiast into a creepyfest party for two? The scenario rang a bit over-the-top until I remembered this is the same woman who pretended to be an alcoholic to get closer to Floyd. Not to mention, if Lemon didn’t occasionally wig out for a guy, nothing would ever happen on her romantic front and there might even be significantly fewer opportunities for Alec Baldwin to play a super-gay Spanish soap opera version of himself. Either way, I was all for the crazy-eyed scheming during ”The Generalissimo” last night. Press play below for the buildup to the point at which Lemon and Dr. Baird’s cozy date night went down in flames faster than that poor child’s dynamite-targeted head in Los Amantes Clandestinos.

PopWatch Lifestyles Alert: I’ll be watching a wriggling Jon Hamm squeak out ”I don’t know what that means!” for the rest of the day. I just want to swoop in, pin him down, explain what the crazy lady’s talking about, and then assure him Annie can make it all better.

More 30 Rock, plus a bonus collage of Jon Hamm with floppy hair and glasses, after the jump…

The best part about Iced Lemon Cake’s burgeoning romance is that it allowed for — nay, practically demanded — a complementary plot involving Metrocard champion Salma Hayek’s Elisa (some nurses are hot!), Jack, and Jack’s Sabor de Soledad-shilling doppelganger, Hector Moreda. The interplay between the two subplots was sublime, and Alec Baldwin’s performance alone would’ve made this a great episode even if Iced Lemon Cake had never existed. The mere delivery of “After you scratch those lottery tickets, can we go to McDonald’s and order only coffee?” — IN SPANISH — earned him those homemade breaded calf’s brains from Elisa’s grandmother. He also deserves as many yards of beer and scotch as Tracy’s new iBanker intern frat boys can put away for that Patty Duke Show “at times we even drink alike” spoof.

The secondary characters had little to do, as usual, but I loved how Liz, Jenna and Kenneth couldn’t be bothered by a Rohypnol-laced Tracy on the floor, and we can also add the “not-hit comedy Cruise Boat” to Tracy’s ever-growing arsenal of past projects. (“I’m getting too old for this ship!”) The real cake of the episode followed Jack and Lemon’s love-at-any-cost stories, and I say the more time the show spends focused on just these two, the better. With Salma Hayek and Jon Hamm mixed in to the batter, 30 Rock is currently as sweet as a montage of beautiful Latin babies set to the soothing tones of Tito Puente.

And to top it ALL off, Liz was eating a Pop Tart in a deliberately cutesy fashion to close out the show. I hope it wasn’t one Pete had fooled around with. You know, I really shouldn’t end sentences with prepositions at.

As promised…


Did you love last night’s 30 Rock, too? And who else wants to take one of those “special tours” to see Conan O’Brien without his wig?

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