By Mike Bruno
February 06, 2009 at 11:26 PM EST
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Today’s View featured a real doozy of an Elisabeth Hasselbeck moment as the gals addressed this hubbub between Ashley Judd and Sarah Palin (adding to Etta James-Beyonce and Hilary Duff-Faye Dunaway for The Week of the Feuding Divas).

Let me break it down like this (I paraphrase, of course):

Ashley Judd: Sarah Palin is mean for shooting wolves
Sarah Palin’s camp: That tree-hugging liberal Ashley Judd didn’t mention that we’re just helping control an out-of-control wolf population
[On The View today] Whoopi/Joy/Sherri: Shooting wolves really is pretty mean
The Hasselbot: Abortion is wrong.

Check it out:


Making this about abortion may seem to you like a non sequitor/red herring, but not to the ‘Bot. Her philosophy: When your back’s against the wall, wrap yourself in a flag or a fetus. Oh, and then get mad and yell at your “socialist” co-hosts for trying to get you back on point silence your passionate views.

Anyone out there following Hasselbot’s logic on this? And what about Judd/Palin? Is it okay to shoot animals to curb a population?

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