It’s too bad that I don’t have a Google Alert for the term “SWV,” because I would have learned sooner that CBS’ upcoming season of Survivor: Tocantins will feature none other than Taj Johnson-George, a member of the R&B trio that had a short-lived (but oh-so-wonderful) run near the top of the charts in the ’90s. If you head over to CBS’ Survivor website, you can see a current picture of Taj, along with an eye-opening bio that features little-known tidbits like the fact that’s she’s the wife of an NFL player, as well the author of a book called Player HateHER: How To Avoid The Beat Down And Live In A Drama Free World. (Unsolicited advice for Taj: Going on Survivor probably isn’t the best way to avoid drama.)

In any case, this news excites me, mostly because I can’t wait to see how this one-time (and possibly current) diva handles herself in the rough-and-tumble Brazilian highlands. I already have no doubt that she’ll be more athletically gifted than Crystal, the Olympic champion who biffed nearly every physical challenge last season. And I’m also pretty certain that Taj no longer sports the insanely long fingernails for which SWV was widely known during their brief (but again, oh-so-wonderful) moment in the spotlight. (At least I think it was Taj…does anybody remember?)

SWV’s music always brings back happy memories of high school dances and driving to Taco Bell after classes ended for the day. Let’s all bask in the glow of their best single, “Right Here/Human Nature,” admire those fingernails and pretend it’s 1993 for a minute, shall we?