By Adam Markovitz
Updated February 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

First Bono started writing for The New York Times. And now Playboy has hired Guns N’ Roses’ ex-bassist Duff McKagan to write a financial column. It got me thinking: What other celebs (or semi-celebs) should have their own columns? Here are a few I’d like to see:

1. Winona Ryder on Dating Advice
The Gen X poster girl turned sticky fingered starlet has reportedly dated everyone from Johnny Depp to Matt Damon to Tom Green (hmmm…). So what if she’s never walked down the aisle? The girl could give a master class in flirting. We’d just request that she write from home to keep her from running off with too many office supplies.

2. Suzanne Somers on Alternative Medicine
Maybe if we just gave her a column, we wouldn’t have to watch her talk about vaginal injections on Oprah EVER AGAIN.

3. David Hasselhoff on International Diplomacy
Yeah, yeah, the Hoff is still best known as a Baywatch punchline. And he’s had a few bumpy moments in recent years. But lest we forget: The man sang on the Berlin Wall as it was tumbling down. If that doesn’t qualify him, we don’t know what could.

Your turn PopWatchers: What celebrity columns would you like to see?

P.S. To anyone who thinks that musicians aren’t equipped to give financial advice, I invite you to check out the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ brilliant seminar on rockenomics from TLC’s classic Behind the Music episode (skip to the 4:00 mark).