By Josh Wolk
Updated February 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Steve Jennings/

With Universal announcing that they are developing a movie based on the board game, Candy Land, we realized just how much film potential there is in adapting other classic kids’ games. Here are some others we’d like to see in the works:

In DreamWorks’ CGI comedy, a family of obese hippopotami get kicked out of the hippo community for eating too much food. Bruce Willis (pictured), Holly Hunter, and Joe Jonas voice the tubby clan. Alone in the African jungle, they inadvertently find themselves helping out King Toucan (Gilbert Gottfried), whose stockpile of magical white pellets is being stolen by evil crocodiles. Fast-food marketing opportunities abound, as well as tie-ins with The Biggest Loser and possibly yogurt-covered peanuts, which look kind of like the white pellets. Jesse McCartney sings the title song, “Hungry Hungry Hippos (Wha-chu Gonna Eat Now?)”

Nicolas Cage stars as the wrongly-convicted Johnny Mattell who finds himself in a futuristic jail where a sadistic warden (Saw‘s Tobin Bell) pits men against each other in the Thunderdome-like Gnip Gnop zone There, they pound levers to send balls through rings to their opponents’ side…to the death! When Krang is selected to play, he finds himself facing off against the man he was wrongly convicted of murdering (Dane Cook).

It’s a rivalry as old as fingers themselves: odds vs. evens. This buddy comedy takes place in an alternate America where all government decisions are made by the “odd” and “even” parties shooting for it. But on the eve of the biggest vote in years, the party chairmen of the two opposing sides (Kevin James and Steve Zahn) find their flight to D.C. grounded in a North Dakota snowstorm and have to find their way back to the nation’s capitol together. As they travel by bus, rail, and dogsled, the only thing this odd (and even!) couple can agree on is, Let’s shoot for it! Written by Josh Stolbert (Good Luck Chuck), adapted from an unproduced screenplay by John Hughes, Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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