By Lesley Savage
February 04, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Jude Law is one of the prettiest actors working today (male or female, I would argue — just watch The Holiday, if you disagree), so we’re not surprised that he looks rather fabulous in the photos of him as a transgender supermodel in Sally Potter’s film Rage. The 36-year-old actor plays a character named Minx (opposite Dame Judi Dench) in the movie, which comes out later this year. Law, pictured in full make-up and donning a jet-black wig, kinda reminds us of a glammed-up Monica (Courteney Cox) from Friends circa 1994, or maybe even a young Liza. What star does he remind you of, Popwatchers? What other actors are you dying to see in drag? Jonathan Rhys Meyers anyone? Christian Bale pre-meltdown? Ooh, Zac Efron perhaps?