By Mike Bruno
Updated February 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

This isn’t exactly Cool Hand Luke, but it still feels awfully soon after the death of a legend like Paul Newman to be remaking anything he starred in. It’s also terrible folly to think that redoing this particular Newman movie is okay because it was just a zany comedy and fans won’t hold you accountable for any injustice levied at his character, Reggie Dunlop, the washed-up player coach of a minor league hockey team back in the game’s helmet-optional days (check him out in the clip below from the 1977 original). Today’s news that Peter Steinfeld (21, Be Cool) is penning the script and Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest, Fun With Dick and Jane) is directing does little to quell my fears, though it also means the project is growing ever closer to becoming a reality. I initially thought about suggesting some casting options, but after spending a few minutes struggling to come up with actors I think can fill Paul Newman’s shoes I realized that’s because no one can fill Paul Newman’s shoes. And you can’t come up with actors to play the miscreant Hanson Brothers, because the miscreant Carlson Brothers weren’t acting when they portrayed them in the original. Maybe the best bet is to just call up Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey and have them reprise their roles from the direct-to-DVD Slap Shot 2.

Anyone out there the least bit psyched for a Slap Shot remake and wanna take a crack at casting suggestions? Is there such a thing as a movie too sacred for remake, and if so, is Slap Shot among them?