By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated February 03, 2009 at 11:31 PM EST

If you’re wondering if we still need feminism, please complete this three-step process:

1. Consider the continuing blatant sexism in a preponderance of Super Bowl commercials, as detailed by Salon’s Broadsheet.

2. Ponder the fact that apparently the show-stealing moment of Will Ferrell’s Broadway production You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush is when Condoleezza Rice (Pia Glenn) performs a lap dance for Ferrell’s former prez. Now, the actual show looks reasonably funny, if you’re in the mood to feel nostalgic for those glorious Ferrell-as-Bush years. But, unfortunately, this Condi-as-stripper bit just proves that while we’re moving on past the Bush era, we haven’t left behind the time-honored tradition of putting female politicians in their place by pornifying them: Does a Will Ferrell show really have to stoop to Nailin’ Paylin depths?

3. Now that you’re all riled up (I hope), soothe yourself with The New York Timesspot-on dissection of Gabrielle Anwar’s role on Burn Notice (pictured) asa perfect postfeminist idol: a woman who knows her job — and her guns– but still pines for the guy she can’t have. (Oh, how we relate –minus the guns, anyway.)

Now you tell us, PopWatchers: What’s on your ShePop radar this week?

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