Doc Jensen mulls over the significance of the title of tonight's episode, ''The Little Prince,'' and looks for clues in the cherished novella. Plus: Odds on who's pulling Norton & Agostini's strings, and the debut of the Doc's '''Lost' List''

By Jeff Jensen
February 03, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST
Mario Perez/ABC

The episode is called ”The Little Prince.” Among tonight’s developments: The Norton & Agostini lawyers are back, seeking Kate’s proof of biological ownership (read: DNA) of Aaron. Doc Jensen Tangent! I’d love to see a story set in Kate’s post-Island years that explores how she became so comfortable with the whole notion of playing substitute mom to Claire’s creepy little goober. Did she adapt quickly to it? Did she ever resent it? Has she nursed the quiet hope that one day Claire would walk through the door and take Aaron off her hands? If not, at what point did she really fall in love with the kid? I think their tale would be a neat, relevant story for Lost to tell…as long as they do it better than that crappy Cuddy-and-kid subplot on this season of House. Did you see that? And did you catch that I called it crappy? That means I didn’t like it. In case that wasn’t clear.

Any-hoo, back to Dan Norton (The Dad From My So-Called Life) and Mr. Agostini (Pursed-Lip Quiet in the Background Guy). They’re working for someone — but whom? Doc Jensen gives you the odds!

BENJAMIN LINUS Remember, Ben promised to help Jack with his Kate problem — i.e., persuade her to go back to the Island. He’ll likely start by giving Kate an incentive to abandon the security of her off-Island life. Threatening Aaron would do that. ODDS: 2?1

CHARLES WIDMORE Penelope’s dastardly dad is searching for the Island — and he’s going to force Kate to help him find it. The court-ordered blood sample is prelude to a blackmail deal. Kate’s choice: Work for Widmore, or he’ll expose the truth about Aaron, and by extension, the Oceanic 6. ODDS: 4?1

SUN She wants vengeance for Jin’s death. And while she says she doesn’t blame Kate, I’m not convinced, judging from that vaguely menacing scene in ”The Lie.” Threatening Aaron would certainly destabilize the nice life Kate now enjoys at the late Jin’s expense. ODDS: 7?1

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